• Run To Town Small-Play Mat
  • Run To Town Small-Play Mat
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Run To Town Small-Play Mat

Rs. 4,999.00

Take your little one on a walk (or run) around town without even stepping out of the house!

Run to Town is the perfect medium to introduce kiddies to a fully functional town. Take them around town; show off the town super market, gas station, library, police station, hospital and more in the form of eye-catching, bright and vivid colours and graphics. Run To Town Playmat helps your baby build knowledge, understanding and appreciation about the workings of a town. Teach them more about the train, aeroplane, ambulance and the footballs stadium by spinning crazy stories around it. Use the Playmat play time to bond with your baby! Run To Town playmats are reversible and can be turned over anytime for a new visual environment.

A premium playmat now in your budget, BeBeDom Playmat provides the best play area for children to tumble, roll, play and lie down on. With its softness and durability, BeBeDom playmats keeps babies safe, happy and content. Use these mats anytime and anywhere at home or outdoors.

Features and Benefits

  • Give your children only the best. Playmats have been laboratory tested and have passed the European Toy Safety Standards EN 71. This makes them high quality and safe.
  • The soft cushioning of Run To Town Playmats protects little children against injury in case of falls, cushioning tender knees, heads and wrists. Your kids are safe with Run To Town Playmat!
  • Run To Town Playmat surface is waterproof. Spilled drinks, dribbled fluids or dropped food is easy to clean up after - just wipe up with a tissue or a wet cloth for a hygienic and clean play area.
  • Non-slip functionality offers stability reducing minor falls and bumps.
  • BeBeDom features a unique jewel embossing pattern that offers an interesting sensory experience while touching the mat. This pattern also prevents creases on the mat surface.
  • Run To Town Playmat comes in a small size: 1250mm x 1250mm x 10mm
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