Seema Golchha's Ventriloquist Show
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Seema Golchha's Ventriloquist Show

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Enjoy a fun evening with standup comedian and ventriloquist

SEEMA GOLCHHA and her puppets

Seema is Nepal’s first ventriloquist and was an in-house comic at Canvas Laugh Club. She has performed on international platforms too like Thailand and USA. Her recent stint was at the renowned Gotham Comedy Club in New York, where she shared the same stage with Jay Leno & Jerry Seinfeld, the legends of comedy!

Seema, a compulsive punner, describes herself as an ‘Entre’punner’ and wants to start her own com’punny. Living in a joint family, she always had a ready audience of 5-6 kids at home. Every night after dinner, she would sit the children down and tell them jokes and stories using hand puppets! “I started doing ventriloquism professionally, hoping to create history rather than become history!”

Little ones can expect a barrel of laughs and adults can bond over relatable, funny experiences at this event that’s open to everyone above the age of 3. As Seema puts it, “I believe everyone has a child in them - especially pregnant women” 

Join us for an interesting ventriloquist show, followed by a surprise element at Peekaboo Patterns on Feb 22nd (Saturday), 4:00 - 6:00 pm at  Bergamo Mall,KNK Road, Chennai! For details call: 9962430862

For Ages - 3 years and above

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