Sun Hand Embroidered Organic Cotton Mustard Seeds Pillow

Sun Hand Embroidered Organic Cotton Mustard Seeds Pillow

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Designed and Made in India, our limited edition Mustard seeds pillows and Maracas are inspired by an original read-aloud poem titled 'Story of Dhruvtara,' which speaks of our shared cultural heritage and mythology.

Set contains:
1 x Sun Rai Pillow
Conscious of minimising waste, it comes packed in a reusable muslin bag with an interactive paper game tag, ready for gifting.
Mustard seeds pillows have traditionally been handmade in India for newborn babies. Experts believe that it conforms to head shape, allows air circulation, and helps to prevent flat head syndrome. Mustard is also known to keep colds away due to its natural warming properties. It is recommended to use this product after a few weeks of birth till the baby starts rolling on his/her tummy. Hand embroidered by traditional Lambadi women artisans in rural south India. Our maracas set is crafted from sustainably sourced rubber wood and painted with child-friendly water based colours. Ergonomically shaped handles are perfect for a child's grip or for you to shake shake shake!


Wash Care

Put the inner pillow occasionally in the sun for natural cleaning. The cover can be removed for washing in cold water. Iron cover as required. Do not bleach. Use a gentle soap. Do not soak the product in water for any length of time. 



1 Week

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