• Room Decor Funberry Farm Nursery and Room Make-Over Decal Kit
  • Room Decor Funberry Farm Nursery and Room Make-Over Decal Kit
  • Room Decor Funberry Farm Nursery and Room Make-Over Decal Kit
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Room Decor Funberry Farm Nursery and Room Make-Over Decal Kit

Rs. 5,999.00
Bring a room to life, with these amazing peel and stick room decorations. Transform a whole room in minutes.
Each wall sticker kit contains 4 HUGE sheets filled with oversize, vinyl decals.
Peel and position each removable decal wherever you like to create your own fantastic themed room.
Change the look whenever you like quickly, easily and without making any mess.
 It's as easy as Peel Stick Decorate.
Quick to apply, cleanly removable, changeable, splash proof and washable.
Simply peel each pre cut decal and apply to a clean, dry surface walls, doors, furniture, bathrooms and more.
No tack, tape, pins or paint required.
There's no mess and the results are amazing, giving the affect of a hand painted mural.
Thanks to a unique adhesive, the images can be moved from place to place without damaging walls or furniture.
So, when you are ready for a new look, just peel off stickers and refresh with a new FunToSee theme. Ideal for home, school, creche, hospital, kids' clubs and more.

Kit includes 72 oversize, farm theme room decals

  • Mother Sheep and 4 Leaping Lambs (4.5 6.4").
  • Digger, the Dog and Hen Coop (12.5").
  • Dante, the Donkey and Stable (35.4").
  • Wheat Sack (6.2").
  • Ruffled Rooster (6.8").
  • Mother Hen and 5 Cheeky Chicks (1.9 9").
  • Farmyard Pond (12.2").
  • 2 Geese (3.1 5.9").
  • Petunia, the Pig and Doink, the Muddy Piglet (6.1 10.6").
  • Messy Kittens in Milk (9.8").
  • Geraldine, the Goat and Duckling (6.8").
  • Daphne and Blossom, the Cow and Calf (9 15.3").
  • Funberry Farm Sign (11.8"). 4 Cheeky Mice (3.1 4.5"). Bales of Hay (13").
  • 6 Tufts of Grass (2 3.9").
  • 5 Butterflies (1.7").
  • 9 Clouds (4.1 11.8").
  • 5 Birds (2.2 2.6").
  • 7 Pieces of Horizon Hedge (9.8").
  • 27 Fence Posts (3.9"). 2 Racing Rabbits (4.5").
  • 2 Trees.

 It's so easy … Peel each decal from the set and apply wherever you wish to create a bustling Farm theme room..

About the product
  • This nursery decorating kit is packed with enough wall decals to decorate the whole nursery or child's room
  • FunToSee nursery decals are easy to use… no paint, no mess
  • Removable, repositionable and splash proof for easy and versatile decorating of kid's rooms
  • Instantly brighten your home, workplace, dorm, or store
  • Decorating ideas for a nursery, girl's bedrooms, boy's bedroom, play room, schools or hospitals

Packing box Dimensions: 50 cm x 25.5 cm x 8.89 cm 

Delivery time: 7 Working days


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