• Child Impression Sibling Casting Kit
  • Child Impression Sibling Casting Kit
  • Child Impression Sibling Casting Kit
  • Child Impression Sibling Casting Kit
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Child Impression Sibling Casting Kit

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“Like branches of a tree we may grow in different directions but our roots remain one”. This love & bond that siblings share is truly incomparable. Cherished by the parents or between the siblings themselves, this momento is one to be cherished for life.
 LOVE STORY is a ‘Home Casting Kit’ that enables you to make a life like cast of your clasped hands ensuring that you preserve this precious feeling forever.
 Though ideal for siblings, this kit can also be used perfectly for friendship clasps.
 The kit is designed & created specially for you by the celebrated casting artist Bhavna Jasra from the house of ‘First Impression’ & it comes with her assurance of quality, safety, procedural ease & aesthetics. She welcomes you to embark on a casting adventure that is fun & exciting & will help you make a masterpiece that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime. So come & enjoy this marvelous experience as much as she has enjoyed crafting it for you & cast your own  ‘LOVE STORY’.
What is included in this Couple Casting Kit

  • Containers (1 No.) - For taking the impressions.
  • Impression Powder - 1 Packet (300 gms) - For taking the final impression.
  • Casting Plaster - 1 Packet (1 Kg) to be used for setting.
  • Finishing Plaster - Small pouch for sealing holes or repairing flaws in the
  • cast caused due to presence of air pockets while pouring the plaster into
  • the mould.
  • Polishing Paper - 2 Nos. (Smooth & Coarse)
  • Plastic Knife – (1 No.) For finishing & removing the minor blobs on the
  • plaster cast.
  • Paint Bottles – (2 Nos.) Gold & Silver
  • Paint Brush – 1 No.
  • Wooden Base – 1 No. - For displaying the cast.
  • Glue - 1 No.
  • Latex Gloves – 2 Nos.

What else you will need : (not included in the kit)

  • Mug to mix the casting plaster
  • Baby Oil
  • Jug of water
  • Measuring cup
  • Electric / Manual Hand Mixer

Dimensions (in cms) LxBxH: 30x30.5x27 cms

Weight post packaging: 5000 gms

Packaging Material i.e. Final Packaging contains Corrugated Boxes, bags, bubble wrap: Corrogated Box, Bubble wrap

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