1. Is the furniture imported?

    It is manufactured in India.(CHENNAI)
  2. What kind of wood do you use?

    We use plywood iS 710 (BWP/BWR) or superior. Also HDF in certain areas .
  3. Where do you buy the raw materials of the furniture?

    Most of our raw material is from well-known foreign brands, which is of premium quality.
  4. Do you manufacture the furniture in Chennai?

    Yes our furniture is manufactured here.
  5. What is the size of the bed?

    6 ftx 3ft is standard . we recommend 6ft x 4ft . can customise to any size .
  6. Do you have bunk beds?

    Yes. some amazing designs !
  7. Is the paint non toxic?

    We use child-friendly non-toxic paints.
  8. Is the paint finish scratch-proof?

    Yes, the paint is scratch-proof to some extent . has different finish options.
  9. Is the mattress included in the bed?

    No, the mattress needs to be ordered separately. 
  10. Does the finish have both matt and gloss option?

    Yes, we do have both the finishes, depending on which will suit your needs. 
  11. Is the furniture durable?

    Yes. Our furniture is durable and strong with child-safety features.
  12. Is the furniture water-resistant?

    Yes, our furniture is water-resistant.
  13. Do you charge for site visits?

    Yes. We charge Rs 2000 for an initial site visit. 
  14. Can the furniture be customized?

    Yes, since we specialize in individual designs of furniture and complete room concepts. These are contemporary in their design approach yet are suitable for your child’s growing taste.  
  15. If customized is there an additional designing charge?

    Yes, we do have a design fee when we customize furniture. 
  16. Can you make furniture of my design?

    Yes, furniture can be made to order 
  17. Can you make specific design at the head board?

    Yes any design can be incorporated. 
  18. Can the furniture size be altered to that of a different size?

    Yes, furniture can be customized to different sizes. For drawings there will be extra charges.
  19. Can the furniture be re-painted?

    Yes the furniture can be re-painted at an additional cost.
  20. Can there be more color options besides what is shown?

    Yes. We have our shade card; you could choose the colors you like. But delivery time will increase with customisation.
  21. Where can we come to see samples?

    You can visit our Studio located at Alwarpet, Chennai. Call us at 044-24992365 and fix an appointment with our design team. We would be happy to help. 
  22. Can I take a look at the products before delivery? yes 

  23. Do you do false ceiling and wall painting?

    Yes. We do complete room design solutions from flooring to false ceiling to lighting to painting or wallpapers, etc. 
  24. Is it possible to do a floor layout?

    Yes, our design team can help you with it - on a chargeable basis. 
  25. How many days do you require for installation?

    We require 2 working days. 
  26. What is the delivery period for furniture?

    3-4 months if not available in stock.


  1. Are the fabrics child-friendly?

    Yes, we use premium quality products that are 100 % cotton and very child-friendly. We use colours and fabric which are soft on children.
  2. Are the sizes standard?

    Yes, the sizes of our furnishings are standard. We do customize sizes too. If you have a requirement or a different size we can always work the sizes out. 
  3. What is the use of a floor cushion?

    Floor cushions add a lot of difference and color to the room. They could be used as a back rest or you can also lounge on it while on the floor to just relax. 
  4. Is the filler separate?

    Yes, the filler is separate.
  5. What is the filling?

    It is polyfill. It is a cotton or synthetic stuffing that is normally used for pillow or cushion stuffing.
  6. Can different bed covers be used in one room?

    If a brother and sister are sharing a room, definitely different covers could be used. Our bed covers add a lot of color and joy to your child’s room and they can be selected as per taste and color preference of the child. 
  7. Do you have designs for a teenager?

    Yes. We can also customize designs based on the age and gender of the teenager. 
  8. Can you make the same design in different colors?

    Yes, similar designs can be customised according to your requirement. Subject to availability.
  9. Can we change the colour of the cushion?

    We can change colour to some other specific colours. Subject to availability.
  10. Can you make furnishings of any sizes?

    Yes, similar designs can be customised according to your requirement. Altering to a smaller size is possible. To increase the size we need to check fabric availability. We will have to get back to you though with the date of delivery and price required for customising and personalizing. Approximately it should be 1 week with an additional charge .
  11. Can we add any motif which we like?

    Yes, we can do that to some extent. Our designer can revert to you regarding the same.
  12. What will be the price for additional motifs?

    The price will change depending on the motif you have chosen.
  13. Can you write the name? If yes, how?

    Names can be embroidered or appliquéd in various sizes, colours and fonts. We have a catalogue from which you can select. For more details check here. (link to Customise page)
  14. Can the names be embroidered?

  15. What are the charges for personalisation?

    We charge Rs. 200 for a name. Delivery is to be expected within 3 days.
  16. Can you make the furnishings in different patterns?

  17. Can you make the furnishings in a pattern I give?

    Yes. However, it is subject to the pattern given.
  18. Can you print the design we want?

    Print designs can be done only for a minimum quantity of 10 pcs.
  19. Can you make 50 pcs?

    Yes. We can make any quantity you order.
  20. Are cushions washable?

    Yes, it is washable and lasts for many years. It can be machine washed using mild detergent.
  21. Will the fabrics shrink on washing?

    Our furnishings are of easy maintenance and we strongly assure you that they will not shrink. 
  22. Will the colours bleed?

    No. We take special care so that we use good colours and fabrics which does not bleed.
  23. Do the fabrics fade?

    Fabrics can fade over repeated wash, wear and tear or direct exposure to sunlight as they are 100% cotton. However, we strongly assure you that the colors do not bleed.
  24. Will the appliqué come out while washing?

    No. We take special care so that the appliqué does not come out, nor will it get spoilt and can last long.
  25. Do the colors bleed from the appliqué?

    No. the fabrics are colour-fast and do not bleed at all. 
  26. Can you change the size of the baby set?

    Yes, depending on the order.
  27. Can you make of a different thickness (For baby sets)?

    Yes. We can with a little additional charge.
  28. Can you customize the size of the quilts?

    Yes. However, it depends on the order.
  29. Are the quilts suitable for all seasons?

  30. Do you make bean bags in rexins/leather?

  31. What is the filling?

    Thermocol beans.
  32. Does it tear?

    No. We have been selling it for years and we have not received any complaints.
  33. What if the thermocol beans are out of shape (bean bags/ bean chairs)?

    We sell thermocol beans separately, so you can always buy more of those.
  34. Do you customize pin-up boards?

    Yes, the design can be customized.
  35. What is the delivery time for the pin-up board order?

    2 weeks.
  36. I want to buy a gift – what is the most popular item?

    All our furnishings are very popular.
  37. Can you pack it for a gift in a fancy way?

    We will be happy to gift wrap the product for you, but that would be additionally charged.
  38. Can I exchange?

    No. Since we deal with children’s furnishing, we don’t exchange a product once sold for hygienic reasons.
  39. Can you customize the products which I give?

    No. Customisation is done only for our Peek-A-Boo products.
  40. Do you do installation of blinds and curtains too?

    Yes, when we design your blinds and curtains, we do the installation too. Installation charges are as per actuals.