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Wooden Toy

The Ice Cream Parlour

Rs. 4,399.00Rs. 5,499.00
Product Details With this adorable and easy-to-build ice cream parlour, your child can now pretend to be the ice cream man. Designed to inculcate dramatic play as a significant part of a child’s life, this ice cream parlour has everything a child needs. With realistic detailing and magnetic ice-cream cones and scoops, it builds fine motor function, imagination and creativity,...

Portable Workbench

Rs. 2,499.00
Product Details This toy is designed to develop creativity and allow imaginative play for all young builders out there. It features storage slots for the tools. They can now start on any project they have in mind. It is of a compact size and convenient to travel with. Age: 3 Years+ In the box:  1 Wooden workbench 1 Wrench 1 Screwdriver...

Pop-up Toaster

Rs. 1,499.00
Product Details Children love role play and this wonderful wooden toy toaster is a great pretend play toy that encourages imaginative play. Age: 3 Years+ In the box:  2 Slices of bread 1 Toaster with an adjustable knob Movable lever Movable timer A realistic pop-up action Product Dimension (in mm): 170 X 95 X 125 Skills: Courier charges for this product is...

Kid's Wooden Shopping Cart

Rs. 6,499.00
Product Details Who wants to go shopping? Whether it’s fruits, vegetables or groceries, a trip to the supermarket is incomplete without this trolley. Let a child take the lead during dramatic play and pretend to be an independent shopper all the while building life skills, imagination and creativity. Age: 3 Years In the box:  1 Wooden shopping cart Product Dimension (in...

Kid's Ironing Set

Rs. 2,239.00Rs. 2,799.00
Product Details A chance to inculcate important life skills in your child with this ironing set. With plenty of scope for imaginative play and creative time, this ironing set is a valuable addition to your child's space. Foldable for compact storage. Age: 3 Years In the box:  1 Foldable ironing board 1 Play iron Product Dimension (in mm): 200 X 230 X...

Deluxe Wooden Stove Set

Rs. 3,599.00Rs. 4,499.00
Product Details This deluxe stove set has the perfect way to lure all young chefs. With a compact and portable stove set and accessories, this one invites endless role play activities and imaginative play in children. It has a storage compartment to store the kitchen accessories. Age: 3 Years+ In the box:  1 Mini stove set 1 Pot 1 Pan 1...