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Play Mat

Zoo Playmat Medium

Rs. 14,999.00
Take the kids for a trip to the zoo right on their cozy play mat. The Playmat - Zoo introduces your kiddies to lovable zoo regulars - lions, tigers, elephants, rabbits, in the form of very likeable graphics in vivid colours. Spend time with your kids to build love, appreciation and knowledge about these animals by telling kids more about...

Teacher Rabbit Medium-Play Mat

Rs. 6,999.00
The fascinating and interactive  Music Parade Sound Sensory Playmat is a sound learning play mat that uses sound to stimulate brain development in children aged 12 months and above. This exciting play mat features animal sounds, animal and item name, and five classic music selections. On the reverse side, the mat doubles up as a great tool for children to...

Run To Town Small-Play Mat

Rs. 4,999.00
Take your little one on a walk (or run) around town without even stepping out of the house! Run to Town is the perfect medium to introduce kiddies to a fully functional town. Take them around town; show off the town super market, gas station, library, police station, hospital and more in the form of eye-catching, bright and vivid colours...

Pingko & Friends Medium - Play Mat

Rs. 8,300.00
Introduce your kids to the very adorable Pingko and his equally adorable pals on the Baby Care Playmat - Pingko and Friends. When this chubby pink elephant hangs around with his plump pals, it’s fun time for your kiddies. The bright colours and pleasant graphics are designed to catch your child’s interest and fondness. Use this mat as an excuse...

Dinoland Large - Play Mat

Rs. 17,999.00
Let the Playmat - Dinoland take your kids into an exciting Jurassic world where cute dinosaurs live. The mat will allow their imagination to fly as your little ones spend many happy hours imagining, discovering, rolling and playing. On the other side, the mat features alphabets and numbers from 1 to 10. Children learn words connected with the alphabet. The...

Busy Farm Large - Play Mat

Rs. 10,999.00
Kiddies get a taste of wholesome farm life, right here on this mat. The Baby Care Playmat - Busy Farm hosts a barn, sheep pen, vegetable patch, pond, a pig pen and, of course, a field of crop…all in vibrant colours and adorable graphics. Your child will learn all about animals on a farm, the tasks and the activities that...